Was born out of a simple idea: running isn’t for runners only. You heard us. We believe that anyone can and should take up challenges, anyone can conquer. Why? Because it is a mindset. A way to look at life and say: I got this!

Wants you to run! But you’re not alone. We are a community of people that cares about others and making them feel part of the team. To us, sportsmanship is synonymous with inclusivity. This is why we support “No Difference”, an association that helps people with disabilities through sport, music and art, and we are committed to donating 20% on each medal purchased.

Wants to run with people from all other the world! That’s why we developed a digital platform to share the thrill of the challenge and the friendly competition, while making it easy to register and compare your results.


Founded in 2003, the No Difference association aims to help people with disabilities realize their dreams and challenges in the fields of martial arts, dance, music, sport and even extreme sports. It promotes their social integration through self-esteem and surpassing oneself. Throughout the year, No Difference participates in numerous events in order to broaden the horizon of possibilities and make impossible dreams a reality.

Its participation in challenges that are often symbolically very charged, allows people with disabilities to shine in extraordinary events and to question the accessibility of places and events. The process more generally encourages everyone to think about the themes of "inclusion and diversity".


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