Winter running

Many runners look at the thermometer or consider the temperature outside before going out on a run. And yet, the principle of running is being able to practice anywhere and at any time. But to do so comfortably when the temperature is low, there are a few tricks...

Tips for running in the cold (and loving it!)

1. Choose the right equipment

First of all, it is important to dress warmly without necessarily choosing thick materials. The key here is to choose the appropriate equipment.

Adopt the 3-layers system:

- Breathable : This first layer is essential; it must be a close-fitting and breathable garment that will help retain heat. Avoid cotton T-shirts which will not properly wick away perspiration. As moisture accumulates, it will cause an unpleasant feeling of cold later on. Second-skin clothing is a great solution, most of it is seamless (or almost) to avoid irritation. During practice, you should not feel constrained by this first layer at all.

- Insulate : This second garment is here to insulate from the cold, while staying breathable in order to keep you dry. You can choose a long-sleeved top with a zipped high collar.

- Protect : This last layer is intended to protect you from wind, rain or snow. Brave the elements in a technical lightweight jacket.

Be careful not to neglect the cap, neck warmer and gloves, in order to protect your extremities, they are very exposed to the cold while you run!

Finally, be comfortable in your clothes! If you feel too compressed, you risk poor blood circulation, contributing to the feeling of cold.

2. First steps

Despite the right equipment, it is very likely that you will feel cold at the beginning of your training...

Stay the course! You may surprise yourself... After a few minutes / meters, the pleasure of running will take over!

Humidity can also complicate things ... You will then have that feeling of "piercing" cold. Don't forget to pay special attention to your extremities such as ears, fingers, feet... Frostbite happens, listen to your body!

3. Pay attention to diet and hydration

When doing an activity in the winter time, our body consumes more energy than normal. Your diet should therefore compensate for these calorie losses.

Although the sensation of thirst is less present than usual when it’s cold, the body consumes significant amounts of water. Do not neglect your hydration during these outings...

4. Back at home...

Take off your cold and damp clothes as quickly as possible and enjoy a hot shower: you deserve it, and your muscles too! It is a moment of well-being and feeling of accomplishment that will allow you to appreciate the effort.

Finally, make this winter race as fun as possible: create a boosting playlist that will motivate you, enjoy the unique and changing landscapes that this season brings...

Don't let the cold dissuade you from achieving your goals !

Have a good training !

PS: an article on running in hot weather is coming soon !

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